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How do I use Dosproxy?

Location DoSProxy is easy to use for all our visitors, just open our website, type the URL of the website you want to browse and it will Dosproxy encrypts your connection immediately, you do not need to install programs or use applications, so you can use it on all smart phones as well as your computer.


Speed of use

We enable you to browse at high speed, thanks to the fact that the proxy servers across Europe and America are the fastest and most powerful servers in the world, Broken Proxy Saying Goodbye to Automatic Spam Storage


Usage approval

Dosproxy gives you a speed to watch videos on the sites you browse through us at very high speeds, such as the site of Caser Proxy if you find it difficult to browse this site you can experience browsing from our site by writing the link Kaser Proxy will find the site opens very quickly and if you find any video will You see it at a very high speed thanks to the servers of the site Dosproxy.

Proxy Site

Anonymous use

Your online browsing is 100% undeclared, and your connection is encrypted by Bit 128, as our site does not track you or keep any records for your browsing and we do not involve anyone else in your browsing. Simply browsing is yours alone .


Free use forever

Dosproxy can visit any website at any time even if it is blocked in your country, your boss or your ISP in the country, so say goodbye "This website is not available in your country" forever.

Why Dosproxy

Location Dosproxy is very easy to navigate, hidden, IP, and a different identity from your real identity, and there are some hidden sites in your country. You will be able to open sites answered easily and without problems, without downloading or installing programs with Dosproxy There is no intrusion today.

Is Dosproxy free?

Service DosProxy is a completely free service with no costs, just log in to Dosproxy and type the URL to which you would like to sign in, and you will be redirected directly to this link with hidden browsing and a different identity from your device.

How does Dosproxy work?

Location Dosproxy is a site that is just a moderator. All you need to do is enter the email address you want to browse, then Dsproxy searches and finds the web page you want to browse and encrypts your data by hiding your IP Address, what is your Ip Address, and when you open The website you entered does not store any data about you and leaves no trace of your tracking. Do you want to make sure of it yourself? All you need to do is visit some websites by and then check your history history file, you will see that you have not browsed these sites before, if you have not browsed them through your own browser, So Dosproxy makes you completely invisible

What is Google Analytics and why do we use it?

Google Stats is a tool that enables "> site owners know how many visits to the website are, so Dosproxy wants to be > Our website is highly user friendly, the only way to know how our visitors interact with our site is to track the number of visits to our site.

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